Don’t whisper nice conditions out-of love inside my ear

Don’t whisper nice conditions out-of love inside my ear

Because Irvine and you can Kirkpatrick (1972) determine, sounds while the an excellent rhetorical message try strong because it might have been thought activity in lieu of a kind of argumentative commentary. Generally, it’s been secure regarding ethical and social restraints generally speaking related which have spoken commentary. Hence, the newest contemporary pop folk-music inside Bulgaria are an interesting and fruitful stadium to explore trying to find the new Eastern Western european woman’s new identity.

Also, the character replaces the text off like, the romanticism out-of poetry and you will plant life, into the “whisper of cash:”

Schreuer (1986) finds of “gold digger” are “more fully removed picture of a lady we obtain inside the The usa from inside the 1930’s” (p. 34). The guy points out that the “gold-digger” was modeled with the a classic Broadway reputation, but is upgraded for the Depression time audience. An interesting synchronous would-be pulled within thematic recommendations and photographs out-of common tunes in america inside the Despair age and you can from inside the Eastern European countries in the numerous years of monetary and you will political blog post-Communist changeover. The character of your own gold-digger, both in symptoms, epitomizes the brand new success- plus-struggle-equals-success algorithm.

From inside the “The fresh Whisper of cash,” the newest Bulgarian artist Boika Dangova renders numerous normal “gold digger’s” needs, insisting into the becoming approved material possessions:

After that post me off on a trip to Their state, Nevertheless don’t need to come-along, Im loyal, relax knowing. (Sjumut Na Parite – “The newest Whisper of money”)

She’s, into one hand, virtuous in her promised fidelity; yet , she is promiscuous and you may opportunistic. She converts the entire agency regarding emergency toward a casino game-and you will she knows all the statutes and the ways to make use of them. Contained in this track, brand new woman refuses new present from roses for the money:

No, Really don’t require roses-they have thorns. You do not want us to become harm, do you? Most of all, my darling, I enjoy the newest whisper of money. ( Sjumut Na Parite –“ This new Whisper of money”)

She actually is prepared to replace the brand new symbol of love for its cash worth, a good materialistic desire and that nonetheless will make sure their own particular monetary cover and you can independence from inside the a really vulnerable and you will erratic community. To start with, she cunningly seems to refuse new flowers in place of openly asking for a finances prize to own their own love. The fresh new “gold digger” was intention through to having like on her behalf terms. At the same time, she will be able to be also the little girl-a return to the fresh new simple woman of your own traditional patriarchy as brand new mere reach of one’s flower can also be harm their particular if you don’t addressed safely.

No, I do not require flowers-provide them with for me inside cash! I am going to leave you a hug, avoid being a rotten child! Above all else, my personal darling, I really like the fresh whisper of cash. Have you figured out my personal honey bunny that we usually do not bed in the nights. Using my levs (Bulgarian currency), I do believe I am going to get burnt. Bring myself foreign exchange, give myself real money. Just with You cash and you can German scratches love will likely be came back. (Sjumut Na Parite –“The brand new Whisper of money”)

The female woman throughout the song actually goes one step next to inquire about to have a vacation within a unique location, while she promises one to she’s going to feel continue to be dedicated and you will loyal to her lover

The type shows their particular determination to give a reward to possess her question purchases in order to including the amount, her interest would-be interpreted once the a work out of prostitution, in which real fulfillment is out there in return for currency. Inside example, new woman is the productive, controlling figure, while you are their own lover assumes on the new passive, acquiring stop of your own matchmaking. Within the an examination of preferred Western audio about 1960s, 1970s and you may mid-eighties, Endres (1984) unearthed that about majority of songs studied, women seldom initiated the experience. They certainly were generally speaking recognized as the inactive rates-important to brand new spot of track but hardly ever active. Similarly, Wood (2001) contends that ladies are often defined of the their bodies and just how dudes perceive all of them. Regarding the Bulgarian pop everyone tune, although not, the latest heroine ‘s the effective and the aggressive spouse from the matchmaking. She promises to promote her companion kisses, but she orders him to behave such as for instance a grownup also to abstain from asking Kinesiska vackra kvinnor to have affection. She calls him “honey rabbit” and you will “my personal darling,” implying their unique stamina while the dealing with figure carrying the latest reigns regarding the connection. While the Simic (1976) contends, “the picture of one’s young women [from inside the Eastern Western european old-fashioned folk-music] is often antithetical to this of your own man, a perfect equivalent; she are going to be submissive, sexually pure, weak and you will inactive” (p. 162). Regarding the conventional Serbian everyone songs, guys are noticed in regards to stamina, blustering pleasure, truculence while the capability to drink greatly: